Earning Money Through Building Your List With An Opt In Form

There are a lot of ways that we could earn money online but it is not that known to a lot of people. This is not because it wasn’t divulged to the public but because some people didn’t find it that important to know how to generate money online. Despite the fact that there is real money online, we would often think that working smart is not true and that we should work hard for us to earn. But the thing is, we can really earn without exerting enough effort but we have to learn a lot of things.

You have to be willing to go beyond your comfort zone juts to see to it that you will be able to improve your chances in making internet money-making efforts. If you would ask most of the internet marketers, especially those that are successful, they would probably tell you that they have generate enough income from the sales of their members list. It is a fact that your subscribers would definitely end up buying your products and later on build up the relationship that they will trust you enough to continually subscribe.

Learning how to build your list will then be the most important factor and skills that you should have. And you have to do all the things that require you to be an expert of internet marketing online. You need to have a squeeze page website that will help you build your list to start the business you aspire online. In connection with the squeeze page you need to have an opt in form because this will stand as an important element that will lead you to success.

You may actually ask on what this opt in form, it is actually a form that is embedded in your squeeze page to allow visitors to get in their email and names so that they will get the free report that they want. An autoresponder will help you managed the details that they have entered. You need to have an autoresponder because you can’t afford to look at all the emails that will be sent to you each and every day. The constant communication build by the autoresponder will help you create the relationship needed to make your business successful. Just look at one scenario by which you will not have your own autoresponder, chances are you will not be able to respond to all the emails and they would think that you don’t exist but the thing is you were just too busy answering the rest of the mails. It is then very important for you to get hold of one great support.

However, you need to remember that creating the opt in form will be one of the most critical stage. You will then ask on how this form would be made. It will be made through the autoresponder you have had from Aweber. But for the sake of knowing how this would be done, there is a need for you to design the form first. This will help you get the form embedded into the squeeze page.

To design your opt in form with the use of AWeber, you will simply click on the web forms button then create a new web form. You will be given the chance to personalize things by simply choosing the templates together with the style, colors, header and footer text, size and font. Now that you have fully created the form with the design of your choice, there is a need to name the form to save it. It should be something that you could remember and easy to identify.

Now that you have created your form, you will have to install your opt in form into your squeeze page. You have to click on the install section and copy the raw HTML coding into the blank note pad for later use. After that you have to go to your squeeze page then add the code to the text widget. You have to drag it then to the place that you want it to appear. You will then have to type some markers such as any letter of your choice. You can now access the source code to your Kompozer page and look for the string of letter that you chose. Now that you have found it you can now click to paste it in your opt in code. You can now save the changes made and upload it to your web page for use.